Sunday, December 26, 2010

Level 37

The gold key opens the lock.
You need to let the game show 37 keys, and then a gold one will appear just like the others. So you need to be pick to tap the screen and grab it. Make sure it is straight on when you move it up to the lock or it won't work.

Courtesy Helpy Helper 
Pocket gamer

Level 36

Flip the phone and keep typing the number

Level 35

Letter M

Level 35

Letter M

Level 34

You only have one minute to solve before your phone's time change.

For level 34, it's a binary clock. Think of the columns you can tap as six columns, but 3 sets of 2. The first two are the hour hands, and the middle 2 are minutes, and the third are seconds (don't use the last two). Using the current time on your phone, you must light the correct time. The bottom dots are 1, the next up are 2, next are 4, and top is 8 and you add together the lits in the column to get a sum. For instance 11:52 a.m. would be done as follows. Column 1 bottom 1 lit, column 2 bottom 1 lit, column 3 third and bottom lit (4+1 = 5), column 4 second lit). For p.m., you must use military time. For 9:47 p.m. (21:47), you would do Column 1 second lit, column 2 bottom lit, column 3 third lit, column 4 bottom, second, and third lit (1+2+4 = 7).

Credit to Steve, Pocket gamer

Level 33

1. Press green button
2. Press clown's 3rd button
3. Press yellow button
4. Press clown's 2nd button
5. Press red button
6. Press 1st clown's button